A Vision of Mind-Body Physics

I developed a strong interest in the Mind-Body problem after experiencing a state of consciousness that… well… all I could say was that it blew my mind. It happened in 1992 while I was meditating, which my mother had taught me to do since she regularly practiced yoga. At the time, I was working as a nuclear engineer (with a senior reactor operator licence) at a nuclear power plant. I had been trained in the U. S. Navy nuclear propulsion, nuclear weapons programs, and had a solid mainstream education in physics and electrical engineering. I had only recently heard of out-of-body experiences, but had no reason to believe that they were real. And then, I had one, or something very similar except that I didn’t look down and see my body. I was just a point of consciousness with no body, wide-awake in what appeared to be empty space. In the center of my “vision” was a beautiful sphere of “divine light”.

This picture of a sphere of light doesn’t quite show what I saw. I can’t explain it but the light “felt” different….. It was much more beautiful… it was beatific… it felt blissful.

I won’t go into all the details here, but I will tell you that it was the most profound experience of my life and still serves as the central focus of my existence. I wrote memoirs to record the experience, my thoughts, and my attempts to explain how the experience could be understood in terms of physics. I wanted to publish it, but apparently my writing skills were not up to par and I was never able to draw a good conclusion. And it included a lot of ideas and concepts that came from religion, which I really wanted to avoid. It seemed that I had gained a “divinely inspired” scientific understanding of spirituality and an insight into why both physics and religion failed to help me understand it. So my “mission” was to explain the flaws in both models and offer a new perspective. But I feared that both the scientific community and especially the religious community would chastise me. How dare I?

Fortunately, the most important “divinely inspired” lesson that I took away from the experience was that I am, and the experience was, part of a process that is unfolding. And as long as I remained focused on Truth, (the intention and intension of “the scientific method”) it would continue to unfold in a way that would allow me to express what I had “seen”. In fact, the “process” is what I saw. I saw it visually (with my mind’s eye), not just understood it. Does that make any sense? Probably not. How do you “see” a process, especially in something that isn’t moving or changing in any visible way?

What I saw looked like a sphere of light but I knew it was a process in the same sense that I know a knuckle in the water is a swirl. But I didn’t actually see any motion so “swirl” is not the right word to describe it. It “looked like” a holographic projection of a crystal ball suspended in an infinite space of darkness. So it looked like a thing, but it was a process, doing something: “sphere-ing”, forming or being a sphere. I had an epiphany that it was the embodiment of a process. And I eventually realized that I had to use both, a verb (being) and a noun (a sphere) to understand and express it. That 2-part expression turned out to be an important clue that it would require process philosophy and physics (a philosophy that I was not aware of at the time).

Another clue was that it “felt” timeless. That was an amazing feeling, by the way, that I have never been able to describe. I knew I would eventually have to explain what it means, but I didn’t question it at the time. I just basked in ecstacy. Suddenly, the apparent surface of the sphere seemed to eject a “droplet of light” that separated from the sphere and the feeling of timelessness was gone. The motion of the droplet seemed to transform the feeling of timelessness into a different feeling — the feeling of flowing, that “looked like” the flow that we call time. Then it turned and came right at me — my (formless) center of consciousness. As it approached, the feeling changed again and I began to feel “shivers” of my body, as if it (my body form) was being materialized anew where I sat. I felt like, and would have sworn that I was a walking, talking holographic projection — nothing but good vibrations. But that was just crazy!

I ended up (within days) quitting my job at the nuclear power plant with just the hope that I could go to graduate school to learn more physics. Perhaps, some day I will publish the memoirs, but to make a long story short, I got an MS in physics and eventually, a PhD in medical physics. I would not have guessed that medical physics would lead to the answers that I was searching for, but life just seemed to unfold and doors of opportunity led me there. As much as I’d like to tell you how that happened, it is much more important to me that I explain the conclusion, which I call the “holomorphic process”. (see my paper, “The Holomorphic Process-Understanding the Holographic Nature of Reality as a Metamorphic Process” published in Archives of Physics Research.

I believe that the holomorphic process is the key to understanding the physics of the mind-body problem.

I am trying to improve my writing skills and find an editor and publisher so that I can write and publish my first book. I have been working on this for over 26 years now in parallel with my service as a parent, husband and naval officer, but now that I am retired and living (surviving) on my military pension, and my sons are grown and independent, I can devote most of my time to it. When this forum (Medium) appeared in my email offering a way to publish articles to an audience that would give me feedback, I decided to write this article. I always hoped that the old saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, was true, but so far I’ve been on my own and can’t seem to connect. I even met several people before I retired (like Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Menas Kafatos, and Dr. Bruce Lipton at a conference for the Institute of Noetic Science as well as Dr. Amit Goswami at a meeting in Eugene Oregon) who I thought would bring me onboard. And I attended the Mind-Body Medicine clinic at the Naval Medical Center San Diego during my final station in the navy. But I suspect that my humility and insecurities were debilitating and I never felt accepted as part of their sphere of research. Perhaps I just wasn’t ready.

So here I am, an author on Medium. I am anxious to see if this turns out to be the right “medium” for me to learn, communicate and connect with the right people who have the skills and resources that I need. I hope it is no coincidence that, as I was writing this (today: May 7, 2019) I came across an article posted in Medium yesterday by Dr. Menas Kafatos (who I met as mentioned above) and Dr Deepak Chopra (who I would absolutely love to meet) entitled “Discovering the Reality of Consciousness” in which they wrote:

“If you get rid of all the stories and models, [which I did] you would find yourself basing reality on your own experience, and then would quickly realize that you have been doing that all your life. The difference would be that now you can be conscious of how the process (emphasis added) works.”

They are Soooo right. I am conscious of how the process works and I believe that I have found a way to express it in terms of unified physics, space-time-motion model. Now all I want to do now is share it.

Theodore St. John (stjohntheodore@gmail.com)

Retired Medical Physicist… Contemplating the mysteries of life by studying the science of art and the art of science (and now by playing the saxophone)